Photo a day – Agosto

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Confesso que ainda ando com Julho entre mãos…

Sorrryyyyyy e não desistam!!!
Temos encontro marcado todos os dias… ou quase todos! 😉

What do the prompts mean?

There are no rules when playing along with photo a day, you can be creative as you like! Interpret the prompt as you please. For those that need a little help, some more suggested details about each prompt are below:
1. Something beginning with N: Find something that begins with the letter N, snap it and share it.
2. Incomplete: Incomplete, unfinished… is it a meal, a craft or something else?
3. Skyline: Show us where you are today by sharing your skyline.
4. Fresh: Take a photo of something fresh – it could be flowers, food, the weather, someone’s style… anything.
5. Early: Take a photo of something that represents early to you. It could be the time of morning, being early for work or an appointment or something I haven’t thought of!
6. This means a lot to me!: What’s something special in your life that has a lot of meaning?
7. A sign: We come across signs throughout our day, which will you pick to share?
8. Peek-a-boo: This can be a bit like a bit of a mystery photo, show us just a hint of something. Or perhaps something hiding.
9. 2 o’clock: Whatever you’re doing at 2 o’clock, take a photo, snap it and share it.
10. Beverage: Pour a glass of something nice, and share it.
11. I love doing this!: What do you love to do? Take a photo of it.
12. Macro: This is our photography technique prompt. I’ll write a post soon with examples, but it means an extreme close-up.
13. Fast: Can you show speed in a photo? Try it today.
14. Trash: One man’s trash is another person’s art. Take a photo.
15. The best: This can be interpreted anyway you like, what do you see today that is ‘the best’?
16. Cooking: Whether you’re the one doing the cooking, or someone else – take a photo.
17. Exercise: It could be physical exercise or otherwise, but take a photo of what you consider to be exercise.
18. Someone you spoke to today: Who have you chatted to today? How can you creatively share them in a photo?
19. Lost: Have you stumbled across something today that’s lost? Or do you have an idea of how to portray lost?
20. Stairs: Stairs! Self-explanatory really.
21. Slow: We’ve explored fast, now let’s turn it down a little and explore sloooooow.
22. A room: It could be a favourite room in your home, an office space, a shop or otherwise.
23. Yellow: This is our charity prompt. Find something yellow and snap it.
24. In the background: Get creative and shoot something in the background, rather than the foreground.
25. Culture: I can’t wait to see the photos for this one. Not sure what it means? Here’s a few definitions.
26. Entrance: Find an entry to somewhere. Anywhere.
27. 10 minutes from home: What a great excuse to explore. Take a walk or a drive and see what’s right near where you live.
28. Corridor: Show off a hallway or corridor. It’s a great way to explore perspective {which we learnt about in July}.
29. Lucky: It could be a lucky charm, or a reason you feel lucky.
30. Cluttered: Is there a space in your home/work/life that feels a bit cluttered? Now is the time to show it off. Be creative!

31. Dangerous: This could get a little scary! Let’s see your dangerous!

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